World’s fastest drone

2017 The Fastest Drone Racing League sets at the Guinness World Records. The fastest ground speed run via a battery-powered remote-controlled and quad copter itself called a DRL Racer X. This drone hits at 179.6 mph.

The trial was done in the New York City (NYC) field – with an official Guinness World Records adjudicator to verify the speed of the drone. There was no prior record for this category but Guinness assigned that the minimum speed requirement would need to be 128 mph in order to be included in the record book. As the drone was hovering across a 100-meter-long field with the official record being the average of the top speed from each trial. So the official world record ended up being 163.5 mph.


The drone which is used to set the record isn’t the same one used in races. The drone used in the league’s races is called the Racer3 and has a top speed of 85 mph. However, this prototype RacerX is built on the same core platform as the Racer3, meaning one day the start-up may be able to mass-produce a drone as fast as the Racer X that can be reliably used in official races.

But this time, the prototype drone was just built to break the record and show off the future potential of DRL drones.


View point – During the trials of a prototype RacerX, it sets on fire while hitting the highest point of acceleration due to the batteries overheating, something that obviously can’t happen during real races.

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